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Privacy Statement

The whistleblower Portal has maximum focus on safety and anonymity. When you report a concern via this portal, no unauthorized person gets access to view your report. You can therefore report the relevant facts without fear of reprisal. Below we have described how the solution actually ensures your anonymity and safety.


The system is hosted by Got Ethics A/S, as independent third-party guarantor that nobody in the organization - including the IT department - will have access to the data reporting system. The system is hosted externally in an ISO 27001 certified hosting center.


All data in the system are stored in encrypted form, which means that no outsider can read data stored in the system - not even the system developers.


Data traffic always takes place through SSL encrypted lines and is therefore protected against unauthorized access to data using "sniffers".


Notifying IP addresses or dates of declarations is not logged into the system.


It is recommended not to use a working PC to the notification, since corporate networks may have logging procedures that compromise anonymity.