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J. Lauritzen's whistleblower-portal

Welcome to J. Lauritzen's (JL) whistleblower portal. Under this portal JL employees and stakeholders may, in good faith, anonymously or non-anonymously report any concerns which they may have about serious matters which may disclose illegalities, generate economic loss, damage the reputation of JL, or have similar effects. Read more »

What can be reported?
Describe the details
Anonymous dialogue
This whistleblower portal can only be used to report concerns about serious or suspected serious irregularities in JL, such as bribery, embezzlement, accounting fraud, or circumstances which have resulted in substantial injury or environmental damage.

Matters which are unsatisfactory but neither illegal nor irregular, such as collegial difficulties or violation of smoking policy etc., should not be reported here.
It is important that you describe all the facts - even facts which you may not find important. 

Please demonstrate your claim where possible. If you have written documentation in the form of a document, please attach a digital copy of the document.
When you file the report, you can choose to follow the proceedings. 

Please note that you will not be contacted directly. Therefore, we encourage you to follow the proceedings by loggin in with the assigned reference number and password. The people processing notifications may need to ask clarifying questions to be able to move forward with the investigation.